Computer Data and Creation

Today it would be impractical for anyone not to have access to a computer. A computer makes a persons life a lot easier. Because of computers a lot of unimaginable things have come into realization. Operating on a patient with an extremely complex machine with an equally complex computer behind it to perform extremely risky surgery that would have a high mortality rate when performed traditionally but with this it has a much higher success rate. When driving on a slippery road and suddenly your tires lose traction, on-board computers inside the car will calculate and control your speed control so that you have traction back as soon as possible to create the least amount of accidents. Computers have made our loves a lot easier and much safer.

Compared to 40, 30, 20, even 10 years ago the internet has changed on how it was first used. When it was first used by the public it was for major campuses to be able to share their information and data with each other with ease. Once more and more people were able to afford personal computers the internet company boomed with connections through 56k modems with companies such as Earthlink, AOL, and Juno. With this people could surf the internet at the leisure of their own homes.

Then came the broadband networks that would completely dominate its predecessors. With the ability to transfer data hundreds of times faster more and more people began to switch over as it became cheaper and cheaper over the years and is now the most used connection by the entire world. From various connections such as DSL, cable, T1, T3 to even fiber optics people can now connect to the vast network known as the World Wide Web.

With this now just about anyone can create content such as programs, music, videos, and pictures to either have it available for free to the internet community or to have them pay for their services. With this small time companies that can create incredibly useful programs that are needed by huge corporations and sell it to them. However there comes a great risk when buying something that can come from a small time company as they do not have the means to completely sustain themselves. With the economy fluctuating more than the strings of a guitar the company can go under at any moment.

But there is a way to secure a way for small time companies to make it possible that mega-corporations will find it assuring that buying their products will not come to stab them in the back in the future. By the help of data escrow services small time companies can join the market of the giant market that would have been usually dominated by the bigger computer programming companies. Huge corporations can now feel at ease when they buy a program that they can use for their business to make it much more convenient for them.

With this now many people who are computer savvy can create programs and other applications that are incredibly useful and helpful in ways for people to use to make their jobs and lives a whole lot easier.