Simple introduction of iPhone

iPhone has been well known by those net friends who always surf online. As a famous brand – the first cell phone pushed out by Apple Company, iPhone inherits the classic style of iPod and many kinds of main function settings are in fashion. For many consumers, Apple is maybe a kind thing of fashion, so people never disappoints on the appearance of the iPhone.

Apple is the famous manufacturer of the products like MP3, so people think that the sound quality of iPhone is brilliant. In fact the truth is opposite. A lot of music players enjoy music seldom with MP3 but with the old CD player or MD. They demand higher on the sound quality. Another part of people, however, play with it for killing time or entertainment when shopping, duty on or off. In fact, the sound quality of many iPhone is not so good like iPod and not brilliant but in the field of cell phone, it is good. Except for the function of music playing, surfing online and email functions are the brilliant ones on iPhone.

The battery of iPhone cannot be replaced and its body is quite thin, which makes people that the standby time is not long. However the fact is otherwise. When I test this cell phone, it can normally be used for almost one and a half days (be on at night); if listening to music and watching movie, it can be used for nearly one day. If the resolution of the iPhone screen is higher and the size is bigger with touch, it will consume more electric power, so nearly one day is good; the expectancy of this iPhone battery is normally 300times more or less. If recharged once every 2 days, it can be used for nearly two years.

iPhone has strong directions for consumers. Except for music play, iPhone has powerful fuction at email, surfing online and so on. For the consumers on the mainland of China, there is not many people surfing online on cell phone and the cost is high; for the main consumer group—young people, a lot of people do not use this high-paid method to collect information from internet. It is limited to build WiFi, so iPhone¡¯s own functions are limited. iPhone itself runs the different way from other telecommunication companies like Nokia and Motorola. After adapting to the previous cell phones, people doubt iPhone functions and think that it is impressive only in appearance.

In fact, the consumption of iPhone should be step by step. For most people, iPhone is not worth buying. The touch screen and the high resolution are charming and attractive. They are more brilliant than other cell phones in the market in these aspects, but it is a kind of fresh. For a lot of real fans or people who have the demands on the functions supplied by iPhone, however, it is good to buy this iPhone.

iPhone has been controversial since it was put on the market. People focus on its functions, design and sales. There are a lot of obverse and reversed commends, but as a consumer, for yourself, you should give iPhone a proper position in your mind. After reading this article, hope you can know more about this cell phone and it can clarify many rumors of iPhone. For the reason of time, this article just picks up the topics that most consumers focus on.